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Here’s what’s currently going on in your child’s Clase de Español:

Grade 1:  It’s all about developing correct pronunciation, understanding basic classroom commands, and following directions.  These kids are learning the basics such as simple greetings, numbers, and colors, as well as animals, foods, and saying the correct date.  Currently, we’re learning about the topic of Growing, with two books, “La Oruga Muy Hambrienta” (“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”), and “Carlos and the Squash Plant” (“Carlos y la Planta de Calabaza”).  We’ve also started adding words to our word wall…let’s see how high we go! 

Grade 2:  Is being introduced to the concept of verb conjugation, and getting a general idea of how it functions in the “I” form.  Current vocabulary includes basic verbs, such as “to eat”(comer), “to drink” (beber), “to sleep”(dormir), “to play”(jugar), “to speak” (hablar), and “to watch”(mirar).  This group is also doing activities centered around household vocabulary, such as rooms of the house and furniture.

Grades 3-5:  Are becoming adept at both speaking and writing present tense sentences, using all types of subjects and pronouns.  The gramar focus is on conjugation, and the vocabulary focus revolves around the topic of “School”.  We have just finished reading and analyzing the Spanish version of the story, “The Little Red Hen”.  Now we’re branching off from the story to do a writing project, “Un Buen Amigo” (“A good friend”), and a project involving common sayings used in Spanish-speaking cultures.  In addition, we’re learning two very well-known Latinamerican songs, “Los Pollitos” (“The Chicks”), and “De Colores” (“Of colors”).


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